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剛剛找 lambda 找到這個 [Link]

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If you grew up in Asia, you would know about paper folding. Most kids do. Here are some things i've learned since i was in grade school in Taiwan (1980s).


這裡有一些折紙界的 design pattern :P

traditional Models [Link]

Models of the Month [Link]

從 Wikipedia 上還有找到一些其他的東西 像是紙飛機

Paper plane [Link]

在 Wikipedia 有折紙分類 [Link]

原來折紙在不同地方的稱呼不同 [Link]

我一直只知道 origami 這篇文章還提到一件事: It was formerly thought that it was impossible to fold a sheet of paper in half more than 7 times; usually it is difficult to reach even 6 times.

我玩了一下果然不太容易XD 不過這個似乎被一個高中生破解了 Wikipedia 上也找得到這個人 [Link]

Folding Paper in Half 12 Times [Link]

另外在 MathWorld 也記載了相關問題 [Link]

(不過照片差好多喔 高中的樣子比較正XD)

這幾篇文章也記錄了一些跟折紙有關的數學資訊 [Link] [Link] [Link] [Link]

MathWorld 那篇文章的 reference 也有列出一堆相關的 proc/conf

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